China Mar PLV HCC output rebounds on mth Price,  Production & Sales,  Coking Coal 2024-04-09 17:13:22

China's premium low-volatile hard coking coal (PLV HCC) output increased substantially in March 2024, recovering to nearly January's level, as mines that shut down for the Chinese New Year holiday gradually resumed operations.


China produced 3.52 million tonnes of PLV HCC in March, jumping 38.3% from a month ago, according to data tracked by Sxcoal's Coal Mine Database.



PLV HCC refers to coking coal with a volatile matter no higher than 23.5%, sulfur no higher than 0.8%, and CSR no lower than 65.


Among the major producing provinces, Shanxi produced 3.10 million tonnes of PLV HCC, rising 45.5% month on month. Hebei and Anhui maintained output stable at 154,000 tonnes and 198,000 tonnes, respectively. Northeastern China's Heilongjiang posted a 16.7% growth on the month to 70,000 tonnes. 


In Shanxi, coking coal mines restarted production in Luliang after the holiday and mining accidents, boosting its PLV HCC output by 42.5% month on month to 1.08 million tonnes, almost the same as pre-holiday output.


Meanwhile, Linfen, known for considerable capacity of large private and state-owned mines, saw its capacity utilization surge in March with mines resuming operations after a long holiday break. PLV HCC output in Linfen soared 69.1% on the month to 1.16 million tonnes.


The PLV HCC output in Taiyuan and Changzhi reached 59,000 tonnes and 805,000 tonnes, respectively, 22.5% and 25.5% higher than the month-ago level.


However, coking plants continued to control output in March following consecutive coke price cuts. They further pressed down coking coal prices. Primary coking coal experienced notable price reductions, while gas and blending coal saw minor corrections in the month.


As of end-March, the price of Liulin 4# washed primary coking was 1,830 yuan/t, free-on-rail with VAT, slumping 500 yuan/t from a month earlier. Washed primary coal in Handan, Hebei province fell by 270 yuan/t on the month to 1,910 yuan/t.



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(Writing by yan.sun  Editing by Harry Huo)
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