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  • Wednesday June 12,2024
  • 17:02:13Coke  
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    China's independent coke firms churned out 28.40 Mt of the steelmaking material in Apr 2024, falling 6.7% YoY, while coke output from steel firms' captive coking plants reached 10.09 Mt, down 7.5% YoY, according to data released by the China Coking Industry Association.

  • 13:41:37Coal  
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    Xinjiang railway, operated by the CR Urumqi Group, shipped 64.96 Mt of coal in the year to Jun 8, rising 14.3% YoY. It handled 100.4 Mt of cargoes during the given period, up 7.4% YoY, People's Daily reported.

  • 11:49:17Coal  
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    Indonesia is likely to miss its 2024 coal production target. YTD coal production reached only about 30% of the 922-million-tonne annual target, according to Hendra Sinadia from the Indonesian Mining Association.

  • 10:34:22Coal  
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    Russia has unveiled its plan to export coal to India through Iran's railway system, as part of the country's efforts to diversify its export markets at a time when it faces growing pressure from Western sanctions.

  • 08:53:45Steel  
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    Mongolia exported 2.96 Mt of iron ore over Jan-May 2024, rising 32.16% YoY, showed the latest data from the Mongolian Customs General Administration. The total export earnings increased by 21.46% YoY to $237 mln during this period.

  • Tuesday June 11,2024
  • 17:34:16Coal  
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    Mongolia exported 7.23 Mt of coal to China in May, up 80.02% YoY and 6.7% MoM.

  • 16:00:04Coal  
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    Coal imports of China's Taiwan ticked up 0.05% YoY and 1.56% MoM to 4.99 Mt in May, preliminary customs data showed. The total import value was $856 million, down 19.27% YoY and 10.72% MoM.

  • 09:53:26Coal  Logistics  
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    China's Daqin railway shipped 33.58 Mt of coal in May, down 7.65% YoY but up 10.75% MoM, said operator Daqin Railway Co., Ltd. on Jun 7.

  • 09:38:41Coal  
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    A coal and gas outburst accident killed one person on Jun 7 at the Pingdingshan coal mine in Zhenxiong county in SW China's Yunnan, leaving two others missing and three more injured, Xinhua News Agency reported.

  • Friday June 07,2024
  • 14:29:40Steel  
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    China's steel products imports reached 637 Kt in May, down 3.2% MoM but up 1.0% YoY, GAC data showed. In May, China imported 100 Mt of iron ore and concentrates, a 0.2% uptick MoM and up 6.1% YoY.

  • 11:52:29Coal  
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    China imported 43.82 Mt of coal in May, up 10.69% YoY yet down 3.17% MoM. The imports were valued at $4.22 bln, down 8.45% YoY and 7.68% MoM, showed data from the General Administration of Customs on Jun 7.

  • Thursday June 06,2024
  • 11:09:50Coal  
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    Coal imports through India's 12 state-run ports totaled 17.94 Mt in May, up 2.63% YoY and 14.78% MoM. Thermal coal and coking coal imports stood at 12.66 Mt and 5.28 Mt respectively, showed the latest data from Indian Ports Association.

  • 10:58:08Coal  
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    Australia exported 29.39 Mt of coal in May 2024, rising 5.43% MoM but down 4.78% YoY, according to cargo tracking data from Kpler.

  • 10:19:56Steel  
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    Chinese key steel mills produced 2.18 Mt of crude steel averagely each day during May 21-31, down 1.49% compared to the previous ten days but up 3.87% YoY, according to data released by CISA.

  • 08:50:55Coal  
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    At least 11 workers were killed due to suspected methane suffocation in the Sanjadi coal mine area located near Quetta, the capital of Balochistan province in Pakistan, Press Trust of India reported on June 3, citing a local official.

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