• Coal Quality Application Evaluation for Chinese Major Coking Coal Mining Areas

  • Number of pages: About 87

    Number of tables/charts: About 91

    Date of completion:Mar, 2016

TOTAL: US$ 4500

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In China, there are 85 coking coal mining areas, 27 of which are major ones. They are different from one another in coal types and quality due to varied coal-forming environments and geological movements.

This report will research into these 27 coking coal mining areas from the perspectives of coal-forming periods and environments, reasons for metamorphism, resource distribution, resource quantity, coal quality characteristics, and technical requirements of large blast furnaces.

In order to produce an informative and authoritative report, Fenwei Energy Consulting Co., Ltd., has made full use of the massive data collected from coal producers, consumers and research institutions, it even collected another 1,000 coal samples and tested their lithology, coal quality, washability and coking property.


1. Mining Areas in Shanxi

    1.1 Xishan

    1.2  Fenxi

    1.3  Liliu

    1.4  Xiangning

    1.5  Huozhou

    1.6  Shixi

    1.7  Lanxian

    1.8  Lu'an

    1.9  Huodong

2. Mining Areas in Heilongjiang

    2.1  Hegang

    2.2  Qitaihe

    2.3  Shuangyashan

    2.4  Jixi

3. Mining Areas in Heibei 

    3.1  Kailuan

    3.2  Fengfeng

4. Mining Areas in Shandong  

    4.1  Xinwen

    4.2  Zaoteng

5. Mining Areas in Guizhou 

    5.1  Liuzhi

    5.2  Shuicheng

    5.3  Panjiang

6. Mining Area in Henan (Pingdingshan)

7. Mining Areas inAnhui 

    7.1  Huaibei

    7.2  Huainan

8. Mining Area in Shaanxi (Tongchuan)

9. Mining Area in Inner Mongolia (Wuhai)

10. Mining Areas in Xinjiang

     10.1  Fukang

     10.2  Kubai