• China Coking Coal Market Monthly Report
  • Cycle of publication: Monthly

    Number of pages: About 15

    Number of tables/charts: About 45

    Date of completion: 28th Each month

TOTAL: US$ 3500



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Download Sample: China Coking Coal Market Monthly Report


This report is published at the end of each month and presented in form of PPT. It reviews and analyzes Chinese economic performance; development of coking coal downstream industries; coking coal output of China, major production provinces and key suppliers; imports and exports, supply-demand balance, stock, production and transport costs, and price, based on the data in current or preceding month; interprets latest industry policies and significant events; and market outlook and price forecast for the coming month.


1   Summary of Monthly Market Review and Outlook

2   Monthly Demand

     2.1  Macroeconomic indicators(GDP, FAI, PMI, Steel PMI, real estate investment and sales, automobile manufacturing and sales, etc.)

     2.2  Production of downstream industries

            2.2.1  Output of pig iron, crude steel and coke

            2.2.2  Prices of steel products and coke

     2.3  Changes on steel and coke stocks

     2.4  Coking coal consumption

3   Monthly Supply

     3.1  Policy assessment which impacts coking coal market and supply

     3.2  Domestic production

           3.2.1  National total

           3.2.2  Majorproduction provinces

           3.2.3  Majorcoal miners

     3.3  Imports and exports

           3.3.1  Major origins(Australia, Canada, Mongolia, etc.)

           3.3.2  Destinations(importing provinces)

           3.3.3  Exports

     3.4  Transportation(volume, trucking freight, shipping freight, etc.) 

4   Monthly Supply-demand Balance Analysis

     4.1  Supply-demand balance

     4.2  Changes on coking coal stock

            4.2.1  Production provinces

            4.2.2  Transfer ports

            4.2.3  Destinations

5   Monthly Prices

     5.1  Production provinces

     5.2  Transfer ports

     5.3  Destinations(Tangshan, E. China cities)

     5.4  Domestic and imported coal price gap

6   Next Month Market Outlook and Price Forecast

     6.1  Major influencing factors on supply(domestic output and imports)

            6.1.1  Industry policies

            6.1.2  Production status of coal mines

            6.1.3  Others(safety inspection, bad weather, etc.)

     6.2  Major influencing factors on demand

            6.2.1  Macro environment

            6.2.2  Development of downstream industries

            6.2.3  Others

      6.3  Other influencing factors

      6.4  Coking coal price forecast

             6.4.1  CR model-based price forecast

             6.4.2  Price forecast