• Influencing Factors of China Coal Production Cost and 2017-2020 Cost Forecast

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Amid Chinese economic slowdown and serious coal overcapacity, domestic coal companies are under pressure from weak demand, restricted production and price falls, and losses even if they are making effort to cut production cost. Such situation makes it significant to study coal production cost in an all-round manner, i.e., to analyze cost items, compare cost among regions and between domestic and imported coals, forecast cost variation trend and present suggestions on cost reduction. Plus, the supply-side reform of domestic coal industry brought changes on coal cost and raised people's concern for China coal cost variation trend.
To help coal producers make right operation decisions and buyers choose raw materials with the best cost performance, we hereby introduce this special study report, based on our proprietary “China Coal Cost Database” and exclusive expert views. This report will be presented in form of PPT.


1  Major Influencing Factors of China Coal Production Cost

    1.1  Taxes and dues

    1.2  Mine capacity and production level (small mines overproducing, suspended or resumed production from time to time)

    1.3  Mining conditions and mining depth

    1.4  Level and scale of mechanized mining

    1.5  Labor, materials, fuel & power fees

    1.6  Three charges (marketing, administration and financial fees)

    1.7  Impact of washed coal yield on washed coal ex-works cost

2015 Reduction in China Coal Production Cost

    2.1  Reasons for cost decrease

          2.1.1  Clearing up administrative charges and collecting resource tax on value basis

          2.1.2  Loosed government control over coal market (revoking “Five Unified” system; dismantling toll gates; easing regulation over mine operation)

          2.1.3  Lowered labor cost

          2.1.4  Expense changes on materials, fuel & power

          2.1.5  Changes on three charges

    2.2  Cost at major production regions by coal type

          2.2.1  Thermal coal

          2.2.2  Coking coal

          2.2.3  PCI coal

          2.2.4  Chemical coal

3  2016 Changes on China Coal Production Cost

    3.1  Cost changes at major production regions

          3.1.1  Impact from 276 workdays

          3.1.2  Elimination of high-cost mines and production expansion of low-cost mines

          3.1.3  Further decrease in marketing and administration fees

          3.1.4  Changes on labor, materials, fuel & power fees

    3.2  Cost at major production regions by coal type

          3.2.1  Thermal coal

          3.2.2  Coking coal

          3.2.3  PCI coal

          3.2.4  Chemical coal

4  2017-2020 China Coal Production Cost Forecast

    4.1  Influencing factors

          4.1.1  Adjustment to industry policies

          4.1.2  Capacity changes

          4.1.3  Deepening mining depth

          4.1.4  Elevated mechanized mining

          4.1.5  Changes on three charges

          4.1.6  Changes on labor cost

          4.1.7  Changes on materials, fuel & power fees

    4.2  Production cost trend and average cost forecast

    4.3  Introduction to prediction method (prediction process, analysis of strength & shortcomings, variation trend)

    4.4  Thermal coal cost variation trend

    4.5  Coking coal cost variation trend

    4.6  PCI coal cost variation trend

    4.7  Chemical coal cost variation trend