• China Coking Coal Resource Application Evaluation

  • Number of pages: About 41

    Number of tables/charts: About 30

    Date of completion:Mar, 2016

TOTAL: US$ 4500

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Fenwei Energy Consulting Co., Ltd., from the perspectives of resource quantity and application value, has conducted an in-depth study on 85 coking coal mining areas across China to find out their remaining mine life and coal quality characteristics. This report embraces Fenwei's research findings and draws a conclusion whether the nation's coking coal resources are sufficient to satisfy the demand from iron/steel industry, and how imported coal could influence the domestic coal market.

With professional analysis and scientific prediction, this report is able to guide investors to choose best investment target, help coal producers learn their product strength and weakness to make precise market positioning and formulate adaptable marketing strategy, or help downstream coking plants to seek optimal coal sources to increase economic benefit.


1. China Coking Coal Resources and Mine Life

    1.1  Proved Resources by Coal Type and by Administrative Division

    1.2  Proved Resources by Exploration Degree

    1.3  Overall Resources by Burial Depth

    1.4  Recovery Ratio and Forecasting Basis

    1.5  Available Mine Life 

    1.6  Summary

2. China Coking CoalDistribution, Application Value and Influencing Factors

    2.1  Distribution

    2.2  Different Coal-forming Periods and Their Influences on Coal Quality

    2.3  Metamorphism Causes and Their Influences on Coal Quality

    2.4  Analysis of Strongly Caking Coal Quality

3. Status Quo and Variation Trend of China Coking Coal Quality

    3.1  Ash Content(Aad)

    3.2  Sulfur Content(St,ad)

    3.3  Volatile Matter(Vdaf)

    3.4  Caking Index (G value) and Coking Property

    3.5  Coke Strength after Reaction (CSR)

4. China Coking Coal Supply-demand Balance and Scarce Coal Types   

    4.1  Production and Effective Supply by Coal Type

    4.2  Consumption and Blending Ratio

    4.3  Supply-demand Balance by Coal Type

    4.4  Supply-demand Forecast and Scarce Coal Types