• Friday December 08,2023
  • 17:22:03
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    Indonesia exported 45.34 Mt of coal in Nov, rising 9.68% YoY yet down 6.5% MoM, Kpler's cargo tracking data showed. In the first eleven months, the country exported 464 Mt of coal, up 10.88% YoY.

  • 14:37:11
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    The PMI index of the steel sector in China's Hebei province, the country's top one coal hub, rebounded by 5.6 pps MoM to 50.7 in Nov this year, as data from the province's Metallurgical Industry Association showed.

  • 13:58:16
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    China's coal supply and demand relation is expected to remain stable next year, Tang Shemin, an official from the NDRC, said during the 2024 national coal trade fair in Tangshan. He expected thermal coal demand to remain flat, and the overall supply to be guaranteed if imports are not significantly impacted.

  • 13:36:06
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    Xinjiang Guanghui has signed a framework agreement on coal supply with Huaneng on the sidelines of the 2024 National Coal Trade Fair. Under the agreement, Guanghui will supply a total of 10.9 Mt of coal in 2024 to Huaneng's power plants in Gansu and Shandong provinces and N China ports.

  • 09:40:00
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    Ganqimaodu border crossing, China's largest inland road port for coal imports from Mongolia, imported a total 33.43 Mt of coal as of Dec 5 this year, said the border port authorities.

  • Thursday December 07,2023
  • 16:53:17
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    A transportation accident occurred at a mine in Yan'an of Shaanxi, China killed one person on Dec 6. The mine, with designed production capacity at 0.6 Mtpa and primarily gas coal (S 0.53%, A 13%, GRI 85, V 38), has been ordered to stop production so far. Production of nearby coal mines has temporarily remained unaffected.

  • 15:37:01
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    On Dec 7, 2023, China's iron ore futures on the Dalian Commodities Exchange opened at 932 yuan/t and closed at 952 yuan/t, down 18.0 yuan/t DoD. The intraday high was 953 yuan/t and the intraday low at 927.5 yuan/t.

  • 15:12:46
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    Coal exports from Australia increased 4.27% MoM and 14.43% YoY to 31.62 Mt in Nov, marking the third consecutive month of growth, according to cargo tracking data from Kpler.

  • 14:21:25
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    China contributes to one-third of the global economic growth this year, remaining the world’s largest economic growth engine, the NDRC said in response to high domestic and international concerns about the country's economic performance.

  • 14:17:43
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    China's Shidaowan high temperature gas-cooled reactor (HTGR) nuclear power plant, the world's first fourth-generation nuclear power plant, has officially gone into commercial operation, according to the National Energy Administration and China Huaneng Group on Dec 6. It is jointly developed by China Huaneng Group, Tsinghua University and China National Nuclear Corporation, with the country owning fully independent intellectual property rights.

  • 13:14:13
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    Newcastle port exported 12.87 Mt in Nov, rising 36.37% YoY but dipping 0.66% MoM, Port of Newcastle data showed. The exports amounted to A$2.60 bln ($1.7 bln), down 45.84% YoY and 16.18% YoY.

  • 11:56:04
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    China's imports & exports totaled 37.96 trillion yuan in the first 11 months, unchanged against the same period of 2022, GAC data showed. Exports totaled 21.6 trillion yuan, up 0.3% YoY and imports dipped 0.5% to 16.36 trillion yuan. Trade surplus reached 5.24 trillion yuan, up 2.8% YoY. In dollar terms, China's imports & exports hit $5.41 trillion over the period, down 5.6% YoY, with exports at $3.08 trillion, down 5.2% and imports at $2.33 trillion, down 6%. Trade surplus narrowed by 2.7% to $748.13 billion.

  • Wednesday December 06,2023
  • 16:14:53
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    Hohhot city, in N China's Inner Mongolia, produced 1.22 Mt of raw coal in Oct, surging 156.4% YoY and 34.7% MoM, according to the official website of the local government. Coal output from Jan to Oct totaled 9.11 Mt, rising 17.7% YoY, which expanded by 9.1 pps compared to the 3Qs of 8.6%.

  • 16:11:05
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    Thirty-two major coal producers and consumers signed medium- and long-term coal supply contracts worth about 400 Mt for 2024 on the first day of the China Coal Trade Conference (Dec 5-8) in Tangshan, Hebei.

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    Xiegou coal mine, owned by Xishan Jinxing Energy Co., Ltd under Shanxi Coking Coal Group Co., Ltd., got the approval to resume operations from local mine safety watchdog in Luliang, Shanxi on Dec 5 following an 11-day suspension. The mine has an approved production capacity of 15 Mtpa, which accounted for 31% of the total of Xishan Jinxing, and finds about 0.4Mt of coal production impacted during the accident-induced suspension.

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