• Chinese and Foreign Coking Coal Comparison, Evaluation & CSR Forecast

  • Number of pages: About 24

    Number of tables/charts: About 32

    Date of completion:Mar, 2016

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China has been actively involved in the world coking coal trade which has gained more momentum after the country eliminated coal import duty, a large amount of foreign coking coal has flocked into China and occupied certain market share in the coastal region.

However, there are factors of disharmony lying under the booming trade, foreign countries exercise different coal evaluation standards from China, for instance, lean coal in China is used for coal blending to enhance coke strength, in contrast, it is classified as thermal coal by foreign countries due to its low caking index. Different evaluation standards may lead to varied judgment of coal value and possibly incur heavy economic losses.

This report is of great guidance value for coal consumers to purchase ideal coal either from the domestic or overseas markets, optimize allocation of coal resources, cut down cost and create more economic benefit.


1. Coking Coal Classification Standards

    1.1  Chinese Standards

    1.2  Foreign Standards

2. Comparison between Chinese and Foreign Coking Coal Evaluation Indicators

    2.1  Vdaf, G Value and CSN

    2.2  Giseeler Maximum Fluidity(αmax) and Y Value

    2.3  Roga index (RI) and G Value

    2.4  Gray-King Index (GK) and Crucible Swelling Number (CSN)

    2.5  Ro,maxand Vdaf

3. Coke Quality Forecast with Foreign Standards

    3.1  Forecasting Indexes

    3.2  Forecasting Methods

4. Coke Quality Forecast with Chinese Standard

    4.1  Coal Blending Ratio and Required Feed Coal Quality

    4.2  Forecast Coke Cold Strength with G Value, Y Value and Vdaf

    4.3  Forecast Coke Hot Strength

5. Coke Quality Forecast by Fenwei

    5.1  Mathematical Model for Calculating CSR and CRI

    5.2  Influence of Ash Composition on CSR  

    5.3  Forecast CSR Based on M40 and Ash Composition