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  • Zou Xiangdong    | Energy Management and Clean Utilization

    B.S. in Coal Geology and Exploration from Shanxi Mining Institute
    M.S. in Geology and Exploration from China Coal Research Institute
    Ph.D. in Oil and Geology from West Virginia University
    Partner and Co-Chairman of Fenwei Clean Energy Co., Ltd.
    Former General Manager of Shanxi Hedong CBM Co., Ltd.
    Former Senior Vice President and Chief Representative of CBM Energy Associates LC
    Former President and Executive Director of Asian American Coal Inc.
    Former President and CEO of AAG Energy Holding Ltd., Asian American Gas Inc, America-China Energy Ltd.

    Major Achievements

    Pioneer in China's CBM resource assessment, exploration and commercial development;Research and application of clean utilization technology of coal resources;Established AAG Energy with valuation at $1.3 billion, the first CBM firm listed at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange;Established Asian American Coal Inc. with former President Morgan Massey, with valuation at $1 billion.

  • Bai Bo    | Industrial Internet and Private Equity Investment

    B.S. and M.S. in Physics from the University of Science and Technology of China;
    Ph.D. in Physics from MIT;
    Financial Technology Option certificate from MIT Sloan School of Management.
    Partner and Non-Executive Co-Chairman of Fenwei Clean Energy Co., Ltd.
    Founding Managing Partner and CEO of U.S.-China Green Fund Partner of Warburg Pincus LLC (the largest shareholder of AAG Energy Holdings Ltd.)
    Former Vice President, US First Reserve Corporation (major shareholder of Asian American Coal Inc.)
    Former staff of Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
    Former Director of AAG Energy Holdings Ltd.

    Major Achievements

    Invested in and managed multiple U.S. and Chinese companies; deep research into the commercial application of industrial Internet and big data; 15 years of investment and business management experience.Founded U.S.-China Green Fund, and increased directly-managed assets to $500 million and asset under management by holding stocks to over $1 billion in two years, with good financial returns achieved.

  • Chang Yijun| Chief Advisor on Resources and Application

    2019-Present   Partner and Co-Chairman of Fenwei Clean Energy Co., Ltd.
    1999-2019     Chairman, Fenwei Energy Information Services Co., Ltd.
    1998-1999     Marketing Manager, Consultant, Asian American Coal Inc.
    1993-1998     General Manager, Shanxi Fuyuan Clean Coal Company
    1988-1998     Vice General Manager, Shanxi Jinmei Industry Development General Company
    1982-1988     Principal Staff Member, Infrastructure Division of Shanxi Coal Industry Department
    1978-1982     Department of Coalfield Exploration, Shanxi Mining Institute (now Taiyuan University of

    Main Achievements

    Participated in the State Council-organized assessment of construction of Shanxi Energy and Heavy Chemical Industry Base started in 1982; one of the principal authors for the chapter of township mines in the Construction Plan of Shanxi Energy and Heavy Chemical Industry Base. Participated in feasibility demonstration and preliminary design approval for over 150 coal mines and affiliated projects and hosted trial operation of three coal mines and acceptance check for official production. The first person selling coking coal of Shanxi local mines to key state-owned steel mills; the first person exporting Chinese coking coal to India; the first person exporting Shanxi coking coal to Japan and South Korea; developed the key technology of producing foundry coke with non-recovery coke ovens, which has become the standard method to produce foundry coke. Familiar with distribution characteristics and value evaluation of Chinese coal resources, good at exploring coal value and product packaging, and having a deep understanding of coal specifications' value weight and complementarity between different specification indices. Collected and translated advanced methods, experience and coal evaluation data of global advanced coking firms in past 30 years, made quantitative analysis on positive and negative correlation between parameters & elements of coking coal and parameters of coke including hot & cold strength and sulfur conversion rate after comparison, digestion and absorption of the collected data, and established a number of application tools and prediction models.

  • Liu Jingwei    | Supply Chain Management and Financing

    The president of FWCE;
    MBA of Renmin University of China;
    General Manager of Supply Chain Management and Financing of Fenwei Clean Energy Co., Ltd;
    20 years' experience in coal logistics management and operation.

    Major Achievements

    Deputy General Manager (1997-2000) and General Manager (2000-2008) of China Qinfa Group Co., Ltd. (00866 HK), leading the company into the Top 500 Logistics Company in China.

  • Qi Hongtao    | Coking Coal Blending

    Professor-level senior engineer, senior adviser of Sate-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Shanxi Provincial Government, and visiting professor of Liaoning University of Science and Technology
    2018-present: General Engineer of Fenwei Energy;
    2015-2017: Chief expert for Precision Intelligent Coal Blending System Development and Engineering Demonstration, a major scientific and technological research project in Shanxi province;
    2008-Aug 2018: Chief coal blending engineer of TISCO Technology Center;
    2004-2008: Researcher of coking coal blending at TISCO Technology Center ;
    1999-2003: Technology officer and laboratory director of TISCO coking plant;
    1984-2003: Working in TISCO coking plant;
    1984: Graduated from Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Science and Technology Liaoning

    Major Achievements

    Presided over the Research and Application Project of Coal Blending Technology for High Quality Coke Production with 7.63m Coke Oven, won the second prize of Shanxi Science and Technology Progress 2008;Took part in dozens of projects such as the Study of Shanxi Coking Coal Resources and Application of Non-coking Coal, Coke Dry Quenching Process and Optimization of Coal Blending Structure, Study and Practice of Dynamic Working Model of Controllable Coking Coal Blending Ratio, "Optimization of Coal Blending Ratio to Reduce Coke Sulfur Content, won the first, second and third prizes of TISCO technical progress;Precision Intelligent Coal Blending System Development and Engineering Demonstration has been applied in over 20 coking plants Chinawide.

  • Fundamentals Research

    Fundamental research supports Fenwei's project consulting services and is a main part of our endeavor ever since the company was established. Through years of cooperation with domestic and international research institutions, Fenwei has gained insights into various quality parameters between Chinese and international coal resources and successfully developed a model system that helps us understand their correlation and make comparisons.

    We also improved the coal quality database of mining areas worldwide, launched a coal blending optimization system based on China's quality assessment standard, and a forecast model on the cold and hot strength of coke, and mastered the application and assessment methods of thermal coal properties such as clinkering, contamination, gasification and liquidation.

    Major Achievements
    Application Tools

    Rail freight rate inquiry system
    Coal & coke price inquiry system
    Coal quality & coal mine inquiry system
    CR index analysis & forecast system
    Coal mine value assessment model
    Coke cold & hot strength forecast model

    Computer Software Property Rights

    Coke strength intelligent prediction system
    Intelligent coal blending system
    Coal e-trading system
    Coal spot trading system
    Clean heat-recovery coke oven management system
    China coal industry geographical information system
    China coal industry database system
    Road-port connection e-menu system
    Coal & coke e-trading system


    China Energy Security and Formation of New Coal Pattern
    Reassessment of Listed Chinese Coal Enterprises
    China Coal Prices Index and Application
    Clean and Optimized Utilization of Shanxi High-Sulfur Coal
    China Coal Quality Application Assessment
    Shanxi Export Coal Resource Assessment
    Shanxi Coke
    Shanxi CBM Resource Evaluation, Development and Utilization
    Shanxi Coal Resource and Development Strategy Assessment
    New Ecology & New Energy
    China Coke Market Development Report

  • Project Services

    Project Department is dedicated to turning industry information into business opportunity and providing extended services to sxcoal.com members. The Department, supported by our Data Center, Price Center, Fundamentals Research and Engineering Management divisions and with the help of Big Data and various tools and instruments, has been providing clients with optimal business solutions based on in-depth analysis on every link of the coal industry chain – from exploration, production and transportation to downstream markets. The Department has built long-term partnership with coal mining companies, investment institutions, up- and down-stream companies and government agencies. With extensive coverage on resources exploration, thermal/coking coal, coking, unconventional natural gas, steel, power and new energy, it each year provides clients with several hundreds of consultancy reports. These reports range from resources and market survey, investment evaluation, due diligence investigation, coal supply-demand analysis and price forecast to coal/coke production cost and logistics cost monitoring, and coal industry policy interpretation. Our major clients are listed as follows:

  • Engineering Management

    As a supporting system of Fenwei's project consulting service, the Engineering Management effectively supports the expansion of consulting service and helps clients solve technical and control issues in production process. Fenwei has always been devoting to research and design of production technologies and standardized processes, and has completed many patents and application tools. It has provided dozens of enterprises with solutions and helped multiple enterprises swing back to profit from loss.

    Quality Control in Coal Supply Chain Case: Trust Production of Fengda Coking Plant

    Fengda Coking Plant, located in Lanxian County of northern China's Shanxi province, mainly produces metallurgical coke with new-type QRD clean heat-recovery coke ovens, with designed production capacity at 0.6 million tonnes per annum. Fengda started engaging Fenwei to provide technical consulting service in August 2008, but failed failed to turn loss to profit due to ineffective management and execution amid the worsening market situation. The plant was trusted to Fenwei in an all-round manner at the end of 2010. Repositioning of raw materials and products, reconstruction of unreasonable links and introduction of techniques (e.g. secondary-crushing and sieving) helped upgrading of met and foundry coke from Grade II to Grade I in just eight months. Meanwhile, the change of self-produced coking coal to a blend of low-cost premium anthracite and indigenous high-ash and strong-caking coal helped cut cost and improved quality effectively. Presently, the plant makes a profit of 150 yuan/t compared to a loss of100 yuan/t before restructuring. With accumulation of working capital and construction of supporting facilities, the number of coke ovens in production increased from original 20 t0 60 in 2010, and further to 80 in the second quarter of 2011, greatly enhancing product quality, brand and market influence.