• Monday May 27,2024
  • 16:50:37
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    Germany imported 1.97 Mt of hard coal in Mar 2024, falling 31.54% YoY and 4.29% MoM, according to preliminary data from German Statistics Bureau.

  • 16:25:46
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    India imported 25.95 Mt of coal in Apr, up 6.14% YoY and 9.99% MoM.

  • Friday May 24,2024
  • 13:35:15
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    Indian government plans to hold a meeting on May 28, 2024 to discuss the issues of imposition of quantitative restrictions on import of low-ash metallurgical coke. The move is part of response to a surge in imports of the steel-making material and aims to protect domestic producers.

  • 11:02:12
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    Baosteel Resources Singapore Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Baowu Resources, and Adaro Minerals Indonesia signed a strategic cooperation agreement for 2024-2025 in Singapore. The two parties will jointly explore diversified cooperation models in the coal field (high-quality coking coal resources) and promote mutual benefit and a win-win result, Baosteel said on its facebook account.

  • 09:35:57
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    Chinese key steel mills produced 2.21 Mt of crude steel averagely each day over May 11-20, up 0.81% compared to previous ten days but down 1.61% YoY, according to data released by China Iron and Steel Association.

  • 08:50:33
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    Thailand's thermal coal (including bituminous and sub-bituminous coal) imports in Apr came in at 1.79 Mt, surging 60.04% YoY and up 5.39% MoM, customs data showed.

  • Thursday May 23,2024
  • 17:20:02
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    Coal exports of Brisbane port in Queensland, Australia stood at 252.3 Kt in Apr 2024, up 11.79% MoM and compared with zero a year ago, according to the latest data released by the PBPL.

  • 15:30:20
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    Australia's largest coal-fired power plant Eraring Power Station is expected to stay open for an additional 2 years until Aug 2027 amid concerns of insufficient power supply from renewables to make compensation. Eraring supplied a quarter of power needs in NSW.

  • 13:50:38
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    China's top five coke-producing provinces – Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Shaanxi and Xinjiang – produced 20.82 Mt of coke in Apr, down 1.1% MoM and accounting for 54.1% of China's total, according to data released by the NBS.

  • 13:21:58
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    Nine road ports between China and Mongolia, including Ganqimaodu, Mandula and Ceke, will be closed for one day on May 23, due to the Buddha Day celebrations in Mongolia. Customs clearance will be resumed on May 24.

  • 09:00:46
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    Anglo American has agreed to a one-week extension for BHP to make a binding takeover offer, after rejecting a third proposal of 38.6 billion pounds ($49.18 billion) from BHP.

  • 08:50:31
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    Eastern China's Anhui province churned out 8.12 Mt of raw coal in Apr 2024, down 12.1% YoY, showed data from the local statistical bureau.

  • Wednesday May 22,2024
  • 14:31:59
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    Japan imported 13.20 Mt of coal in Apr, a 0.3% dip YoY, showed the preliminary data from the Ministry of Finance on May 22. The import value amounted to 400.39 bln yen ($2.56 bln), falling 22.5% YoY.

  • 08:56:54
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    Canada exported 3.51 Mt of coal in Mar 2024, down 1.56% YoY yet up 25.60% MoM, according to latest data from Statistics Canada. Value of the export amounted to $1.22 bln in the month, down 7.52% YoY yet up 32.75% MoM.

  • Tuesday May 21,2024
  • 13:17:26
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    China's 10 largest coal mining groups (in terms of production) produced 739 Mt of raw coal in Jan-Apr 2024, falling 5.33% YoY, according to the latest data released by China National Coal Association.

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