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Here you will find statistics of coal stockpiles, inbound and outbound deliveries, vessel arrivals at major Chinese and international coal ports.


Years of historical and up-to-date data are indispensable for you to gain further insights into the correlation of port stockpiles and prices, and of the competitiveness of domestic and overseas coal.


North China Ports

Other Ports

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  1. Guangzhou Port
  2. Ningbo Port
  3. Fangcheng Port
  4. Jinzhou Port
  5. Huludao Port
  6. Bayuquan Port
  7. Newcastle Port
  8. Lianyun Port
  9. Qingdao Port
  10. Qingdao Port Qiangang Port Area
  11. Qingdao Port Dongjiakou Port Area
  12. Rizhao Port
  13. Nanjing Port
  14. Wuhu Port
  15. Yingkou Port

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